Holson insurance: combining savings and quality of the coverage

We perform Insurance consultancy (property and casualty, personal insurance, Compensation & Benefits, worker’s compensation) that allow you to generate significant savings while improving the quality of the insurance system.
Our experts intervene through over the counter agreements or calls for tender consultations.

Completely independent of any broker or insurer: we act exclusively in the best interests of our insured customers by offering


A full technical audit of all policies subscribed : policy structure, covered risks, appropriate level of guaranty, best practices, prices, etc…


Optimisation of costs as well as the performance of your various insurance coverages.
Optimisations are made by taking into account the optimal insurance coverage along with the policies’ management and monitoring processes…


Usage of our procurement expertise,  strengthening our negotiation power within a changing context and a competitive market

Our customers trust us because of

our proven practices in assistance and Engineering Insurance
our suggested approach, never imposed, adapted to needs and context, while compliant with local regulations
meeting deadlines and commitments
 training sessions and know how transfer on methodology, process and knwoledge

We support the Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Legal and Insurance department in implementing the approved solutions and processes.

Examples of policies we handle:

 Legal liability
 Corporate directors legal liability
 Car Fleet
 Transport policies
 Construction policies
 Latest insurance opportunities “Cyber Insurance” and “Fraud & Malicious acts”
 Personal insurance / mutual funds

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