Energy transition and mobility, the new challenge

Global warming is a concern shared by all and the ever more demanding car taxation forces to make the choice of models always more virtuous. But successfully completing the energy transition of its fleet goes far beyond the integration of hybrids or electrics into its automobile policy: it is above all a transition from a logic of fleet to that of mobility. And many questions arise:

  • Who is responsible for the company’s mobility project, because it actually impacts all services …
  • What are the real levers?
  • How to deploy and measure effective actions?

To answer it, holson supports you :

  • by auditing existing practices and measuring their effectiveness
  • by acting on the C&B policy in order to open the field of possibilities towards more virtuous models from an environmental point of view
  • by rethinking modes of mobility and remote presence to reduce CO2 emissions
  • by adapting the proposed alternatives according to the use of employees
  • by designing and piloting a new controlled electromobility
  • by chaining the fleet reflection to that of the mobility plan

We help you to implement your new mobility policy via:

  • facilitating workshops or conferences with your employees to facilitate change management
  • internal communication to promote team buy-in and involvement
  • project management to ensure the correct pace of change implementation and their effectiveness