Fleet Consulting & optimisation :improving the economic and financial performance of fleets

We work on all or part of a project based on performance targets defined in advance on a subject of punctual or long-term concern. Our benchmarks and ongoing audits allow us to be influential and proactive alongside Finance, HR and procurement departments.

At holson, we pay as much attention to strategic optimisation decisions as to day to day operational management. The costs of the car fleet being dynamic, a good coordination on these two dimensions is key to improve fleets economic performance as well as to decrease costs.

Optimisation of costs related to fleet :a 360° vision through the TCO

We step in to improve your processes and optimise your direct costs by acting on the components of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) :

We make strategic trade-offs such as changes in duration of contracts, or optimisations of the car policy according to usage, TCO or employer policy.

Your processes are digitalised to increase productivity as much as to reduce the printing and mailing costs.

Holson is on continuous standby
 to anticipate regulatory changes related to taxation, accounting, market opportunity, fuel trends
 to identify innovative partners and involve them in the fleet management (digititalisation of car return, vehicle sharing solutions, etc…)

Financing fleets:adopting the optimal solution

Your benefits and risks linked to each form of funding and fleet management practices are audited by our experts.

We consistently adopt, and with agility, the best solution for you between ownership, lease, or other emerging forms of detention such as inter-company car sharing.

To do this, we audit

All fleet elements (car policy, TCO, specificities and budget) and feasibility (prerequisite, key success factors, timing)

The global financial and accounting target

The impact of each alternative on Ebitda

Changes in internal fleet management practices and their medium-term implications

Diesel Transition: anticipate changes
for the best energy mix

We assist companies in analysing the current situation and in the economic modelling of the transition to other energy sources.

Our pragmatic approach helps to define the best energy mix for each category of use, by integrating the constraints of use and all other elements having an impact on costs: non-deductible amortization, Road tax, VAT deductibility, energy costs, carbon footprint, etc…

A calendar is defined to optimise the cost of this transition.

Fleet due diligence, fleet management
audit according to Holson

Holson’s Fleet due diligence is to be applied while facing a significant change in context (merger, reorganisation, new compensation & benefits policy) on the financial, HR, CSR and organisational dimensions applied to the fleet management.

We support you in the convergence towards best practices by

Examining processes from all angles

Reworking the Car Policy and driver’s Rights & Duties rules

Streamlining fleet’s management

 Aligning fleet with CSR objectives

Using the additional bargaining power on the suppliers of the new entity.

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