Fleet management: ensuring the interfacebetween all fleet players

We believe that a well-processed offer is the guarantee of a high quality service at optimal cost. With its partner GAC Technology, holson has built an offer of Fleet Management using the best of technology and innovations available on the market to grant a high level of service at the best price.

We bring our expertise along with our added value on process optimization according to the uses of our customer, controlling budgets and being a powerful interface with all fleet players.

Management of operational tasks throughout the entire process

  • Anticipation of renewals
  • Workflow of validations
  • Order
  • Coordination of delivery & end of contract
  • Driver’s handbook



  • EOC pre-inspection
  • Refurbishment costs
  • Invoicing
  • Specific agreements
  • KPI
  • Tax & social declarations
  • Vehicle selection
  • Communication
  • Update



  • Maintenance
  • Contract adjustment
  • Fines management
  • Fuel control
  • Road risk prevention
  • Pool and transfer

Our commitments at holson

a management that takes into account the impacts for the employee and the costs of the company,
applying your purchasing policy with regular feedback on adjustment opportunities,
 anticipating economic, regulation and taxation changes along with developments within the suppliers’ ecosystem,
  regular reporting on fleet developments in terms of costs and practices.

For true 360° fleet management, it is necessary to have a single entry point for all data related to your fleet. Our sotware Car fleet software, delivererd in Saas, interconnects with all suppliers and our customers’ databases to:

 digitise the most time-consuming processes: online order approval’s workflow, fine’s automated treatment, anomaly reportings , billing control modules
enforce usage of process prerequisites into place to improve the productivity of your fleet management.

Our experienced fleet managers make sure that between all active suppliers, all subscribed services are used before authorising usage of additional means.  We complete these measures with additional targeted solutions for optimal performance.

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