Software :accelerating the digital transformation of fleets

100% web based fleet managementsoftware

With its partner GAC Technology, holson offers a powerful and easy to use 100% SaaS web-based fleet management solution, , to manage your costs and save time. Through analysis of the existing, holson, sets up the solution and ensure deployment in order to optimise operating modes and provide user training.

Choosing the holson & GAC solution is the key to secure :

an automated integration of data incoming streams such as invoicing, fleet information as well as various data flows such as fines or HR databases

 a complete handling, covering the entire fleet management process (from fleet management to day-to-day financial management)

 performance monitoring through KPI (TCO, CO2 footprint, etc…)

Connected fleets & data management

Increased access to data generated by vehicles through black box, smartphone or OEM onboard telematic solution draws new perspective in terms of fleet, vehicles and drivers’ management.

This data, coupled with software solution, eases :
 the detailed analysis of all trips
 the distinction between private and business use
 the idendification of vehicles best fitted to the needs of fleets
 the optimisation of route planning

With its expertise, holson helps you in your telematics projects by analysing your needs and constraints, selecting potential solutions, modelling a business case and offering a deployment scenario.

New mobilities: align the mobility offering with the needs of employees and costs management

Companies have more margins than they think.
We work on non-standard and hybrid fleets, adapting management and cost control methods to changing trends in use, both in the fleet management and the mobility experience of the employee.

Transformation of the fleets depends on the construction of hybrid and multimodal mobility, centred on the vehicle’s usage and the employee’s experience.

 The inclusion of all types of vehicles in the fleets: from electric bicycles to hybrid cars

The introduction and management of car-sharing schemes

  Adequate management units of mobility

  The integration of a car-pooling system

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