The fleet represents a prime and first class position in companies. However it’s more an assortment of services which together generate very high management sophistication, rather than a monolithic position.
The car fleet is also at the turning point of Human Resources, Finance and Purchase, and the degree of constraints defining the framework for building fleet management policy. The evolution of the environment in which these players operate may need to adjust the fleet policy at any time.
In light of this, holson decided to develop a training course to support employees taking up their position or with the desire to refine their skills in fleet management and sourcing.

We offer adapted training to various players within fleet management both operational players and buyers.
Our courses are designed to promote true transfer of skills including:


Training objectives

Knowing the principles, vocabulary, players and the insurance operating methods
Understanding the diagnosis and analysis methods of the company’s wide range of policies
Discovering the strong points, pitfalls and traps of insurance schemes, broken down by policy
Being able to manage parties involved (insurers, brokers, experts)
Negotiate contracts
 Knowing how to use its policies to manage potential frequency or severity claims

Training courses

Awareness of principles of financial transfer of risks through insurance.
Focus on company insurance: Fleet, Damage, liability, Construction Insurance, RCMS, TRI…
Making a diagnosis of measures and a detailed review of key policies
Knowing how to negotiate with the broker, insurer, and expert. Panorama of their duties and responsibilities


Training 1: Car taxation

 Review of all taxes (benefit in kind, non-deductible payment instalments,
 TVS, no claims bonus
 Procedures for determining rates and bases
 How to optimize?
 Future developments and their impacts

Training 2: Managing the transition of the energy mix in my fleet

 The current state of the market
 Taxation developments
 Vehicle TCO Analysis according to their propulsion method (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric)

Training 3: The car fleet insurance and repair cost management

 Insurance measures: legal obligations, risk transfer etc…
 Insurance tax
 Business plan diagrams
 Ability to manage a claim
 Understanding the costs of restitution
 Arbitrate between insurance, repair, restoration costs

Training 4: For operational players / the fleet manager taking position:

 Improving daily management and the manager’s added value.
 Developing a synthetic overview of the rental companies’ offers: contracts and associated services,
 Acquiring different fleet management methods,
 Mastering the financial and tax aspects of long-term rentals,
 Knowing the rules for establishing a call for bids,
 Best negotiating the contract most suited to the characteristics of your fleet

Training 5: For specialized buyers and / or category manager: Organizing your car fleets call for bids:

 Presentation of operating forces
 Stockpiling needs (volume, characteristics, trends, HR constraints, etc…)
 Defining negotiating strategy (number of suppliers, consultation terms)
 Writing out a bill of specifications (scope, needs, services)
 Rating tools
 Calendar management
 Suppliers deals comparison
 Contracting, implementation and monitoring

Training 6 – Launch a European call for bids

 Automotive Practice in Europe
 Overview of car taxation
 The European mandate (SEO, power, deployment, etc…)
 The Contenders (international, local)
The census of auto policies of each subsidiary
 The state of the European fleet
 Implementation timeline

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